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Raina Stevens
First Year Student

Undergraduate: University of Central Florida, BS- Sports and Exercise Science, Human Performance Track
Hobbies: My one true love is weight lifting. However, anything that is physically active you can generally count me in. A few of my favorites include running, rollerblading, hiking, and rafting. I also enjoy reading, knitting, and playing with my two dogs. 
Why I chose Elon: My last school was the second largest university in regards to student enrollment. So I was looking for a graduate school that was smaller and had more of a community feel. I felt like from the moment I walked through Elon’s doors I was welcomed. Elon’s DPT program also has a lot to offer that make it stand out from other programs. The two biggest things for me were the HOPE pro bono clinic and the GLO (Global Learning Opportunities) programs. Out of all the schools that I applied to and visited, Elon was the clear winner.
After graduation: As of right now, I am trying to be as open as possible. My hope is that the clinical experiences in the different settings will help to guide me in a specific direction. I originally planned on getting a speciality in a certain area after graduation and I still think I will do that. I also would like to do some international physical therapy work if the opportunity presented itself. 



Kailey Trieger
Second Year Student

Undergraduate: University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, BA – Exercise and Sport Science, Fitness Professional Concentration
Hobbies: I love to exercise as much as I love to eat, so fitness and cooking are always on my agenda. I love to go on outdoor adventures and travel as much as possible. I am a TV show addict, currently addicted to Game of Thrones, Designated Survivor, How to Get Away with Murder and Westworld.
Why I chose Elon: I originally visited Elon due to its proximity to Chapel Hill, but I was blown away with everything it had to offer. I was impressed with the success of the program and the quality of therapy I had observed from Elon graduates. Between the HOPE clinic opportunities, the GLO abroad clinical programs and the student involvement in research, it seemed like the best program for me.
After graduation: While I have loved every setting of physical therapy, I see myself entering some sort of inpatient position after graduation. Other than that, I am excited to see where life takes me!


Autumn blog photo

Autumn Oostindie
Third Year Student

Undergraduate: B.A. Kinesiology from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI
Hobbies: I love hiking, camping, playing board games, and blasting music so I can sing along without worrying about being off-key. Even though I’m from Michigan, I’m a huge Green Bay Packers fan. On most weekends you can find me binging the latest Netflix show with a bag of popcorn or something chocolatey.
Why I chose Elon: I knew I wanted to be a PT for a really long time, so when it came down to looking at schools I had a large list of places I wanted to visit or look at. But when I visited Elon, I knew this was the school I wanted to go to. They really blew me away at how dedicated they were to developing a program that was patient-centered and equipping its students to become advocates for their future patients. Now that I’m almost done with my time here at Elon I can confidently say that is an accurate description of the program and the faculty. 
After graduation: At this point I don’t know where exactly I’ll end up after graduation, but I’m hoping somewhere back in the Midwest to be closer to my family. I would love to work in a hospital or inpatient rehab center, but will definitely be keeping my options open!




4 responses to “Meet the Bloggers

  1. Hi! My name is Whitney. I’m applying to PT school right now and Elon is my number one choice. As PT students, do you have any advice on how I could better my chances of getting in next year?

    Thanks so much.

  2. Brittany Van Hal

    So sorry its taken awhile to get back to you. I wish I could give you a specific answer, but honestly, my best advice is just to be yourself and portray that in your application and interview. Also, try to get as many and as wide a variety of experiences in PT as you can, as this will be incredibly beneficial once you’re in school. I haven’t been involved at all in the application process (other than what you’re currently doing) but when I look at my class, there is no real common theme. Each individual brings very unique backgrounds and involvement (community, school, PT) that I think set them apart from just being a student with good grades. Find what you’re good at, find what you need to work on, and take this time to weed that out. Most of all, find your passion in PT and show that. Hope this helps,

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  4. Hi guys! I have been accepted to Elon and a school in Florida and the only thing holding me back from officially deciding is the cost of Elon. Is the experience worth the burden of the 40 grand extra in loans?

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