Hey Everyone!

Right now I am in my second module here at Elon. There are a total of thirteen modules. So basically I’m right at the beginning. I don’t want to overload you with too much information, but to instead give you a light taste of what has been going on. These are just three topics that have really been on my mind lately. Each post will focus on something different to give you an idea of all that is the Elon DPT program.


When I was in undergrad I loved my Anatomy classes. I thought they were so fascinating and I remember other students complaining about how hard and boring they found it, but I couldn’t get enough. I found the human body so intriguing. My undergrad program didn’t use human donors, instead it was all done on models and pictures. That has been the biggest delight with Elon’s Anatomy course. I love that we get to actually work on a human donor. It really brings all these concepts to life and helps to solidify my understanding of the human body. The first day of dissections I wasn’t sure how I was going to react because I’ve got a pretty severe fear of sharp objects and I don’t like seeing people get hurt. However, it was one of the most exciting and interesting things I have ever done! I loved every minute of it!

We have completed our first Anatomy written exam and lab practical and I have to say I just adore this class. I feel as though I am absorbing the material in a way I never did in undergrad! Dr. Cope is a fantastic professor who makes the concepts stick.


PT Sciences:

So we take these classes called PT Science 1 and 2 this module. I have found these classes to be the most challenging because they are very hands on. This is really the start of taking the information that we are taught and applying it in a realistic way. We work with different lab partners and practice bed mobility, range of motion, modalities, etc.. Having the chance to actually do stuff that can be applied in a clinical setting is a little intimidating, but overall it is exciting. I love learning techniques that are applicable to my future.


Outside of school:

The students in my cohort have done an excellent job at finding activities to do outside of the classroom. We have had events where we hang out as a cohort and others where we socialize with the 3rd years. This has been a great chance to get to pick their brains and find out what to expect. I really enjoy when the class will do impromptu wiffle ball games on sunny days when we get out of class early. Or when we get people together to go watch a free movie at the Turner Theater. Also some of the girls have created a workout group where we go to the group exercise classes offered at Elon and exercise together. These small outings are huge morale boosters because PT school is challenging and sometimes you just need a break.


All in all things are going great!

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