Surviving ortho 2K17

We are in the home stretch of our ortho module. So you may be asking what is ortho?

Ortho is the nickname for our courses titled “Biomechanics and Musculoskeletal Dysfunction.” At Elon, we spend the first three modules solidifying the basics. Before we can diagnose and treat our patients, we have to be confident in our understanding of sciences, such as anatomy and physiology, as well as the basics of patient care in physical therapy. We learned the skills of documentation and interviewing, and focused on easing ourselves in to hands-on treatment style. After we learned new skills and perfected old ones, we were ready to become clinical investigators and enter the timeline of rehab.

Now, the ortho module is unlike any schedule we have experienced before. The semester is separated into three, six-week sections focused on one region at a time: spine, lower extremity and upper extremity. The majority of our day alternates between lecture and lab where we learn the techniques and practice on our classmates. When we aren’t learning about ortho, we are supplementing our knowledge with skills in clinical imaging and pharmacology. These classes give us the ability to apply another element of critical thinking to our patients and cases.

Let me tell you, I am out of breath just typing all of that out! Ortho is absolutely a marathon, not a sprint. My classmates have adopted the phrase “Surviving Ortho 2K17” because each day is a grind. But the best part is that we love every minute of what we do. It’s incredible how my classmates and I can transform as clinicians in just a few short weeks. Every day we get another step closer to becoming skilled and knowledgeable professionals who will one day help treat thousands of patients. That statement becomes a little closer to reality every day.

In a month, my classmates and I will be stepping into our first clinical rotation. These ortho courses are the bread and butter of physical therapy that lay the foundation for the rest of our professional lives. At times it can be tough and exhausting, but the motivation to continue refuels every time a concept clicks. And those moments happen. They happen so often. It feels like our passion for this field will never fade. (That might just be the thought of a first-year.)

I had the opportunity to attend the North Carolina Physical Therapy Association annual conference in October with my fellow classmates and professors. There were many representatives from various clinics and companies who employ physical therapists all over the country. When they would ask where we attended school, our responses were met with overwhelming excitement. The combination of our growing confidence in our ortho courses and the positive reputation of our program only confirms how prepared we will be for our first clinical rotation. Let the countdown to January begin!


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