Finding the Land of Milk and Honey

I am here reporting from the front lines of the lives of 3rd year DPT students with good news to share. Things are well. The leaves have changed from green to red and yellow, the hot heat in the Carolinas has dissipated, and activities within the realm of physical therapy are streamlined. We continue to enter the doors of hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, outpatient clinics, and more. We motivate our patients, we motivate our clinical instructors to continue teaching us at the 5th month, and we motivate ourselves to continue to work without a paycheck. Only 4 weeks to go! The end is in serious sight.

With the end in sight we start setting our eyes on employment. Resumes are being perfected and edited by Elon upon request. Before starting the 6-month clinical we gained advice about resume building, job searching and interviewing. We reflected upon what we would look for in a company from continuing education benefits to productivity expectations. The goal is to find that team that you fit well into and that fits well with you. The market for new grad PTs is different across the nation. I’ve heard stories of many offers and stories of few. It depends how open or closed minded you are and what your expectations are from the beginning. This program is a lot of work and I plan on finding the land of milk and honey at the end of this graduate journey. That reward looks different for every one of my classmates. It may come in the form of a paycheck, the satisfying fulfillment of independence, a geographic location of choice or a setting of choice, and perhaps even the freedom from assignments or freedom from the student label.

November will be our last month on this 6-month clinical journey. Hurrah!se


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