It’s Inevitable: How to Deal with Homesickness

In the midst of a long module of Ortho classes, you could say I’m a little stressed and homesick. Don’t get me wrong, North Carolina is a lovely place to call home, especially with this gorgeous fall weather! But my classmates will tell you that Michigan has a special place in my heart (because half of my wardrobe is Michigan apparel). I especially miss my family in Michigan, but it’s all right because my PT family has my back and has become my second family.

We eat, hang, play, laugh and work together. It’s a beautiful thing.

First of all, we definitely know how to celebrate birthdays. Our president and vice president make sure everyone gets a funny card on their birthday and bring in delicious treats. I have eaten more donuts this year than I have my entire life! One day a classmate got a piñata for her birthday, so naturally Dr. Lawson hung the piñata from a theraband on a crutch and wanted my classmate to strike her piñata with a quad cane. Wish you could have been there to understand the madness that was going on that morning. It was a definitely a memorable day in PT school.

Our class also embraced the fall season with pumpkin carving and every fall treat imaginable. It was a dream! Some people’s pumpkins were works of art. I hadn’t carved a pumpkin since my high school days, so it was fun to get all the guts out and carve. It was definitely a good bonding experience with classmates and a nice time to take out some stress on the pumpkins!

I have also been able to bond with my classmates over intramurals! I participated in volleyball and let’s just say that we DOMINATED. Elon’s DPT students are notorious for winning intramurals so we wanted to make sure to continue the tradition. We were undefeated and got super cool T-shirts! My fellow classmates also won flag football intramurals, too. Again, intramurals are another great way to bond with classmates and take out some stress.

Elon’s Homecoming was last weekend! None of us are alumni of Elon YET, but we decided to join in on the Homecoming festivities. The small town of Elon was booming with returning alumni and parents visiting for the weekend. Elon may not have the most winning football team around, but nevertheless, students and parents enjoyed a crisp, fall, Saturday afternoon of football.

Believe it or not, most all of us know where we will be going for our three eight-week clinicals during our 2nd year. I’ll be in Myrtle Beach during the winter, which will be a nice change from the bitter winters of Michigan. Then I’ll be in Indiana and Illinois for my other clinicals, so it’ll be nice to be a little closer to family during the summer months! I’m excited and a bit nervous to step my foot in the clinic come January! I have learned A LOT this past year so I don’t know if I’ll remember most of it, but hopefully it has all become natural to me. We have had a lot of practice in class and in Elon’s pro-bono clinic, so I am confident it’ll show.

Demographically we are a diverse group of individuals, but we click so well. The love and laughter of my second family helps me get through those tough days when words like “presynaptic adrenergic inhibitors” sound like “skjdflksdsfdeghjosfj.” It will be strange as we part ways for our clinical experiences in January, but it will be great to come back and share our experiences with one another.

Elon DPT Elon DPT Elon DPT Elon DPT


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