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Thinking PT School? Here Are Some Tips! – Part 2

A few months back you may remember me bringing you some tips about how to prepare for the PT school application process. Well, as promised, I’m back this month to share some more tips! Only difference is that this time around, I want to provide some advice for those of you that may be preparing to start school in just a few short months. And for those of you that are getting ready to apply, come back and read these tips once you’re getting ready to start school!

  1. This first tip is something I’ve thought about often and I can’t stress it enough; stick to the study/work method that has gotten you this far, and don’t let the methods of others make you think you’re doing it wrong. Chances are, there will be someone that studies or works more than you do. When you experience this, you may find yourself thinking “Man they must know something about an assignment that I don’t!!” I urge you, don’t worry yourself by thinking these thoughts!! Everyone has different study habits and tactics and if you’ve made it to the point of getting accepted in to a very competitive graduate field, chances are your habits and tactics are just fine! Don’t doubt yourself!!
  2. Second tip – engage in physical activity as often as you can. Here’s the irony about PT school; you’re going to learn about a lot of physical impairments that can be brought on by the one thing you’ll do probably more than any other, aka siting in a chair. Therefore, getting up and moving around and engaging in sports or workouts will make your body and your mind a lot happier! Also, an added benefit of working out that I discovered is the fact that it helps you come up with exercises and activities that you can use with your patients!
  3. Get to know your faculty members. While the faculty members that you’ll be spending a lot of time with over the next few years are no doubt your teachers, they’ll very shortly be your PT colleagues. In addition, your professors will be one of your best resources in terms of job recommendations. And last but not least, as I’ve discovered, you may just find out that your professors are more than willing to do things like play basketball with you and your classmates on a Friday afternoon!

Well I hope you’ll find these tips useful, and I encourage you to also come up with some of your own strategies for making the most out your PT school experience. For those of you about to take the plunge in August, enjoy the start of what I’m sure will be a fantastic ride!