From “ugh therapy” to “I’m going to miss you”

“Ugh therapy”  “Not you again” “This is going to kill me” “I’m too tired for therapy today” “You told me two more two times ago” “What more do you got?” “Thank you” “I’m getting stronger” “I’m going home” “I’m going to miss you.”   From one spectrum to another we experience the emotional pendulum of a life in its most vulnerable state. We give hope, we give strength, we provide skilled intervention to move that pendulum towards health and life that once was.  Not to say every patient is a success story, but many of them are. As a Physical Therapy student you absorb each experience fully because each novel experience is shaping us and will shape how we interact, reason, and fundamentally function as a Physical Therapist post-December 2015.


The 53 students of DPT 2015 are scattered over the nation applying the textbook material and applying our individual lives into the lives of others. Since July 2014 a majority have tackled an 8-week clinical rotation in either a Skilled Nursing Facility or Inpatient setting. Now some classmates have taken an alternative route; some have chosen to have a clinical in Italy. Why one would ever want to travel and live there for 8 weeks is unknown to me…#jealous. In September we transitioned to an 8-week clinical in an Acute setting. Once again some classmates split the country for Belize or have selected a rotation in a different setting such as the ICU.


Each rotation has its own challenges, joys, road bumps, confidence builders, and educational opportunities. I’ve felt on top of the world and in over my head in the past weeks. As a DPT student you learn to take it day by day, hour by hour even at times. The clinical rotations make you that much more alert to how you are developing your own set of clinical skills.  I am sure all of us are enjoying life outside of the classroom but truth be told I do miss all 52 faces that I’m used to seeing all day…every day.  I wait impatiently to be reunited with friends at Elon in the beginning of November. From there we will proceed with further lecture, projects, and adventures in the vast city of Burlington.


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