As Long As I’ve Got My Suit and Tie….

It’s been a busy yet exciting June and at the beginning of the month, we got the chance to go to the NEXT conference in Charlotte (one of the many great things about Elon DPT is that our program helps provide the means to give us these awesome opportunities)! NEXT is a yearly Physical Therapy conference where PT’s, PTA’s, and PT students can come together and network, discuss current issues facing our profession, and learn about exciting new research. Even though some of the information presented was a little over our heads as first years, it was still an awesome opportunity to learn some new things and realize that a lot of the groundwork courses that we’re in right now are preparing us to be able to synthesize the kind of information we encountered at NEXT.

One of my personal favorite moments, other than hearing one of my own first year classmates give one of the most rousing Oxford debate audience-contributed speeches of all time (#freedomisntfree), was getting to hear the Maley lecture. Dr. Andrea Behrman gave an awesome presentation regarding some advances in the treatment of spinal cord injuries in children, and it was amazing to be reminded of the incredible works of healing that we will be able to contribute to during our careers as PT’s.

Hopefully NEXT was the first of many conferences that I’ll be able to attend during my time as a PT student, and thanks to Elon DPT for making it happen! Happy summer!


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