Having neuro on the brain…

The brain has the reigns right now for the DPT class of 2015. We are scandalously flying through this Neurology Module gaining an understanding of what is occurring behind that hard skull of our patient. Neuro is a land that leaves me dazed, confused, and baffled in wonder. What preponderance of information we are obtaining. Astrocytes and their feet, myelin and its sheath, the hippocampus and its memory, the frontal lobe and its behavior. We are certainly intricately and wonderfully made. We are also fragile. It amazes me the degree of symptoms that can occur due to minute damage of brain tissue.

It is fun to listen to classmates really excel and be energized by the field of Neurology and on the other end of the spectrum, to share in the tolerance for it. I love the range of likes and dislikes of specific areas of Physical Therapy within our class. Some are finding their niche within Orthopedic outpatient, some in inpatient Neuro based, some in pediatrics, and some still searching. What is great about this occupation is that there are so many directions you can take this career. As we continue on in the program my eyes are continuously opened to the options available once I graduate. We have two 2-month clinicals ahead in inpatient and acute care settings. These will hold much weight in helping us decide which direction suites us best.

It is to be expected that we keep busy with lecture and studies within the classroom, but I can’t forget to mention the life of all us birds who escape that cage for professional development and fun.  We have discovered more of what North Carolina has to offer such as a long Memorial Weekend on the eastern shores of NC, hand-picked fresh strawberries from a local farm, a long bike ride through the country north of Elon to fundraise for Multiple Sclerosis, and a fun sunny day on Elon’s campus full of physical activity with athletes of the Special Olympics.  The student-based organizations such as the HOPE pro-bono clinic and the newly formed DPT SERVE are keeping us active to promote our profession and to serve the community.


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