It’s like college….but not really

The halfway mark of our first year as PT students is fast approaching, and that’s honestly pretty hard to believe. Even though it’s flown by, I think we’ve all learned some valuable lessons. One of the things I’ve come to realize is that it’s pretty hard to draw a lot of comparisons between graduate school and undergrad. They both have the word grad in them, but the similarities pretty much stop there. For me personally, I spent two years in the “real” world, and I’ve found that my “real” world routines are a lot more commonplace here in grad school than are my undergrad routines. For instance, undergrad was all about the late night study sessions in the library. Now, I don’t think I could stay up past ten if I tried. So maybe I am a bit of an old man, but hey some routines are just hard to shake. Another big difference?? No more late-night Subway runs in grad school.

All kidding aside (although I do miss that fresh baked bread), another pretty crucial difference is that everything we’re learning now is part of one big picture. Whereas in undergrad, info from my Classic Greek Literature class went in one ear and out the other, the things we’re learning now are all important pieces of information that will be crucial to our being able to successfully treat our future patients. And honestly, it’s a great feeling to learn one more piece of the puzzle and realize that I’m that much closer to being able to get out and help some people heal. Our program here at Elon does a phenomenal job of tying it all together, and we’re starting to see that big picture taking form! Two and a half more years 2016….we’re practically there!!


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