Aaaaaand Break!!

Another set of finals has come and gone, and the DPT class of 2016 is officially done with Module II! As much fun as we’ve had together over the past few weeks whilst studying, playing intramurals, and enjoying the glory of the Francis Center Fountain, I think we are all in need of some time away. Some of us, myself included, will be heading to the beach, but others are heading home to see family and friends, and a few will be enjoying some pretty sweet vacation spots! Gotta admit though, as much as we all need the breather, I’m definitely going to miss everyone. We sure have become a tight knit group in these few short months of our first year!

Once we get back from break, we’ll pick up the second half of a few classes, we’ll start formulating more solid ideas for our research projects, and we’ll start digging in to the orthopedic portion of our curriculum! So in other words, lots of exciting stuff! In the meantime, I plan to let my brain rebound, eat a lot of seafood, and enjoy this break!! Congrats class of 2016!! Happy break!!


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