The Beginning of the End

In 10 short days many of us will be finished with formal classes as we know them. Some of the 3rd year physical therapy students will still be returning to the Francis Center after the long Easter weekend, but many (including myself) will be finishing up the last module, before our final internship, by pursuing an independent study.

For those returning to the Francis Center for the elective courses, known as selectives, they will study one of the following subject areas: orthopedics, neurology or research. A few of us are staying local, but will be expanding our knowledge and understanding of physical therapy practice through local, independent studies in such areas as pediatrics and geriatrics. Others from our class will be traveling to the other side of the planet during this time to learn more about the world of physical therapy in Australia and other distant lands. These next seven class days will be our final days spent together as a class until we reunite at graduation!

As I think about the many hours, days, weeks, months and years that we have spent together as a class, it is hard to for me to wrap my brain around this reality.  We have been together since January 2012 and have been through so much together. It is difficult for me to grasp hold of the idea that this is the beginning of the finale; the beginning of the end of our time together at Elon.

While we still have the last days remaining in this module, six weeks of selectives, and our final (six month) clinical rotation ahead, I can’t entirely suppress the twinge of sadness creeping in as I think of our time as one big group drawing to a close. Elon’s class of 2014 physical therapy students are about to begin writing the final chapters in the story of their lives as PT students. My hope for each of us is that these last chapters are not only rich and exciting, but that they play a pivotal role in molding us into the great physical therapist’s that we aspire to be!


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