The Kindness of Faculty

April showers bring May flowers, but what does a snow storm followed by an ice storm bring to the south in March? Well, at Elon University, it brought two days of cancelled classes, power outages across campus, and a fallen tree crashing into Belk Pavilion! While this month has been off to a chaotic start, coming in like a roaring lion, perhaps we will luck out and it will go out like lamb! Ironically, the peculiar weather we experienced this past week reaffirmed one of many reasons why Elon is the place to go for physical therapy school.

No, it’s not because I am originally from New York and the storms reminded me of how grateful I am not to be immersed in snow for months at a time! The reaffirmation came through an e-mail from one of our kind and hospitable professors, who was offering her home to any of her students without power. Whether a warm shower was needed or a warm place to sleep, her offer was available to (all 58) of her students! I use the term reaffirmation when referencing this, because things like this are not foreign to our class. With many of us coming from out of state, a different professor sent out an e-mail, back in November, inviting all students (that could not make it home for the holiday) to his house to have Thanksgiving dinner with him and his family! If these acts of kindness are unheard of to you, then you haven’t been to Elon…and… if that’s the case, you really need to come check us! Not only do we have the best facility for physical therapy education, but we also have the best faculty!

Now, on to academics…

Aside from the bizarre weather at the start of the month, Module X also commenced at the start of March. It is proving to be a little crazy as well! As third-year students, we had just grown accustomed to a set schedule, including such things as: weekly quizzes, mid-terms, practical and final exams. We were “in the groove” so to speak. My classmates and I “had things down”…until Module IX ended and Module X began. In this current module, even my peers who were the anti-daily planner types…the ones that wouldn’t own a calendar if their lives depended on it… even they are reconsidering, and some have  already make that  small investment at Staples to help them get organized!

Why the intense need for organization, you ask? Well, we are not only divided into three separate groups for one of our classes, so that you and the person sitting next to you in one class, have nothing else in common for the other classes, but we are doing group work galore! Having been an elementary and middle grade physical education teacher for almost 10 years prior to coming to Elon, I like to think of myself as organized and on top of what’s going on. This module however, even I am struggling!  I am in five different groups, with five different topics, collaborating with up to seven different people per group, and working around at least three different schedules in most groups!

While the new daily-planner and calendar owners are jotting down schedules, meetings, due dates and deadlines, you will not observe them penciling in exam and test dates, with the exception of just one class we’re currently taking (that has 3 exams). Again, this is much different from last module in which our daily planner was littered with exam dates. So, which do I prefer… the maddening attempt to juggle studying for multiple exams… or…  the circus act of trying to accommodate a plethora of  schedules all while attempting to produce stellar group projects, presentations and papers? That is a question I cannot answer just yet; we are only half way down the super highway of Module X with two weeks down and two to go! Only time will tell if this module will go out like the lion it came in as or if it will transform into a peaceful lamb.



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