A New Beginning

It’s official!! The DPT class of 2016 just finished our first module! It’s kind of crazy to think that our first month and module went by so fast, but there’s not much time to reflect because we’re already off to the races with our classes for Module II!

The first module was definitely a good introduction to grad school life, and I think we’re all thankful that we’re being eased into the flow of things. This pace has been great because it’s also given us the chance to start bonding with one another and to build some community. So far, some highlights include basketball in East Gym, wheelchair bowling and weekend hangouts. I’m super pumped to get to know everyone better and to keep building what I have no doubt will be an awesome, productive and cohesive DPT class!

Right now we’re getting ready for our first lab practical and trying to figure out the flow of Module II. We’ve got quite a few more classes now, so balance is going to be key. While there will no doubt be a lot of work and study involved, I’m excited for everything that we’re going to learn in Module II. Every class is one step closer to getting out and treating our first patients!!


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