Each Other

I have been unsure of how to start this blog for an entire month, but I decided to finally bite the bullet and write my final entry.

Since my last post, I returned to Elon for our final week of classes.  Since the DPT program was sponsoring a continuing education course, our class was able to attend the course for free. We had a very dynamic speaker from whom we learned interesting and clinically relevant information.  It was odd to sit among practicing therapists and realize that we were almost their peers and no longer their students (though honestly, we will hopefully always be students as we seek continued learning).

After two days of the continuing education course, we had a licensure review course held by Elon.  It was two very full days of preparation and practice for the boards exam, which the majority of our class will be taking at the end of January.  It was incredibly helpful and was fun to return to the classroom with our fellow students/family for a final hoorah. On Friday, we had an exit interview/discussion regarding our time at Elon, followed by presentations from students that had gone abroad for various experiences through GLO (Global Learning Opportunities).  My class had students presenting on Belize, Italy, Kenya, and Romania and our experiences during our times there.  It provided me a chance as a presenter to reflect on my journey both as a traveler and a student, and it was invigorating to share with those that had supported us in those travels, as well as future students of GLO.

Leaving the building on Friday was surreal, but even more surreal was graduation on Sunday. The week and weekend were filled with fun, laughter and sharing with friends, classmates and professors.  It was filled with the bringing together of families and friends.  It was a time of reflection, pride, joy, tears, goodbyes, and gratefulness….gratefulness to our friends and families for their encouragement and love, gratefulness to the Elon community and our professors for their constant support and willingness to challenge us, and most of all, gratefulness for each other. We were family, through thick and thin, laughter and tears, frustration and joy.  We had each other’s backs each and every day of the journey that took us through three very full years of school.  We are now graduates of Elon, but we will always remain the family of the Elon DPT Class of 2013.

Thank you for reading, and for supporting from near or far. And if you are a future student, I am so excited for you and the journey that you will undoubtedly undergo.


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