Pick Your Poison

If given the choice, which would you rather train for: an ultra-marathon , the World’s Strongest Man/Woman Competition, or  the UBC (Ultimate Bodybuilding Championship)? I ask this question to give you an idea of how I compare the three “big” modules of PT school.  These “big” three modules include: orthopedics (in the 1st year), neuroscience (in the 2nd year), and the module that we’re currently in (that carries into our 3rd year). Each one is just as hard as the other two, but in a different way!

Right now, I feel like all of us at the Francis Center are in a very challenging training period. The 1st years are in the midst of orthopedic finals, we (the 2nd years) are in the middle of our first round of tests for this module, and even the former 3rd years (that just became doctors of physical therapy yesterday) are preparing for board exams that are in January!  So, the level of difficulty does not change, it just becomes a different kind of difficult.

Speaking of different, this year our Christmas break will be very different, and not just because we get an extra week off! Unlike previous years, where we end a module before the start of the New Year, we will continue on with Module XI when we return to school in January. We will need that extra week off, as we’ll be ring in the New Year with assignments due, tests and quizzes to take, and projects to complete. On a positive note, at the start of 2014,we’ll officially be in our last year of PT school and closer than ever to becoming PTs!


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