The Journey from Student to Clinician

We have seven weeks left of our final six-month internship. Wow. We have less than a typical clinical rotation left to go on this major piece of the PT school journey. Graduation is a mere two months away after almost three years of school (plus the many years spent prior to PT school). Graduation means the end of this life chapter; it means closing a few doors. While some doors close, many others are opening.

My classmates and I are faced with some big life decisions: Where do we want to work? In what setting, what part of the country, and for how long do we want to start our first jobs in the career that we have been fighting for, for so long? Options! Responsibility! Opportunities! Adventure!

Time in the clinic is becoming second-nature as we adopt our own schedules of patients. There is always more to learn and to practice but those early steps of getting to know patients and understanding our current setting have finally settled into place. These last few months and weeks are being spent fine-tuning our skills, our clinical reasoning and our independence.

I am in the midst of a lot of writing outside of my time in the clinic including: working on a case study, writing multiple reflections and finalizing my resume. The time spent at the computer allows me to step back and look at all that I have learned on this clinical, as well as my time at Elon. I am not the student I once was, but am rather on the verge of being a clinician.


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