One foot in the water; one foot on land

We are officially halfway through our final internship. The gravity of which is slowly sinking in, especially as we are starting to deal with the details of graduation. Where did the last three years go? I truly can’t believe how quickly it has all gone. I still remember getting ready for PT school like it was yesterday, and arriving on campus to a whole new world and group of people that would become “my people” for this significant chapter of my life. I would not be where I am without them.  (As you can probably sense, three months away from them is making me miss them more than ever!)

As this clinical has progressed, so has responsibility. We are in the midst of taking on a full caseload of patients as well as keeping up with paperwork for school. Sometimes I almost forget that I’m still a student until I’m reminded when I leave the clinic to go to a coffeeshop to do an assignment for school. I realized that during this final internship especially, I have one foot in the water and one foot on land. I’m almost ready to swim in this great ocean of a career (but not quite yet).

Yesterday, I finally spent some time looking at job openings throughout the U.S. I had to take time to reflect on what my strengths and weaknesses in PT are, as well as sort through what setting brings me the most joy and passion. When starting PT school, I was sure of the path I would take. Now, I have endless possibilities ahead of me, I’m more unsure of what my future holds than ever, and yet I feel at peace because I know I have a support system at Elon that will help me whenever I need it. I feel prepared to enter whichever setting I choose and I’m excited by the options. Whatever the future holds, I know how I got to where I am.


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