Chapter 2 of the Final Leg

I’m more than one month into my final internship and I am a mix of emotions. It feels like it has been a mini version of my last 2.5 years of school. In some ways, I can’t believe how quickly the internship has gone by and how much I’ve already grown in such a short period. On the flip side, I feel like I was just at Elon in my familiar life and study habits. I find more and more that life is full of constant transition and adaptation.

My clinic here in WA has been incredible. The people I work with are all very talented but have unique theories and practices. It’s been fun to observe such successful therapists treating in totally different ways. My CI has been trained in a variety of schools of thoughts and has recently been practicing within the Integrated Systems Model, which was completely foreign to me before I started here. I have had to quickly learn the new theory and have loved the challenge, but even more than that, I’ve loved seeing how well it works on complicated patients. I’m being stretched in every way and have enjoyed helping patients once again.

I sorely miss Elon and the people there but I’m finding my way here as well. It has been awesome to be back home for summer for an extended period, getting back into hiking and long weekends away. I’m transitioning (big surprise) into another chapter of life…the working world and all it has to offer.


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