It’s a marathon, not a sprint

July 2013. Is that correct? I feel like it was just yesterday that we were beginning the much anticipated (and somewhat feared) “Neuro Module.” We dove deep into the depths of the ventral tegmental region of our reticular formation (the motivation center of our brains) to get through the restless nights and long days of studying for the grueling cumulative finals. Fortunately, they are now behind us. The mental marathon is over for this leg of PT school, but our days of running this race are not yet complete.

New challenges arise before us as we enter into our second clinical rotation.  During our first rotation (in January and February), my classmates and I completed two months in an out-patient setting. Now that we are in our second rotation, we are spread out among several domains of practice as well as a multitude of locations. Settings for this rotation vary from acute care to inpatient rehabilitation, from pediatrics to skilled nursing, and as close to home as Burlington to as far away as Italy!  If you’re looking for diversity and a variety of opportunities, we certainly have that at Elon!

Many of us took advantage of the week off between our last neuro final and our first day back in the clinic as student physical therapists. Some spent time with family and friends, visiting places like the beautiful lakes and mountains of North Carolina, while some went off to tropical islands; still others went back to their home town or stayed local to rest, relax, and rejuvenate.  Regardless of the destination, one thing is for certain: our minds were temporarily far from the day to day studying we had become accustomed to.

With today being our first day back in the clinic, I look forward to working (once again) with patients, applying the knowledge I’ve acquired over the months, and learning new skills.  As my classmates and I venture into this next chapter of PT school, I pray for wisdom and understanding, the ability to think with an open mind (to things we may encounter that are different or challenging), and most of all I pray for a wonderful  and blessed clinical experience for Elon’s DPT class of 2013!


One response to “It’s a marathon, not a sprint

  1. Jake & Helen DeVos

    We knew you could do it, with God’s help ALL things are possible! Mom & Dad

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