The Final Leg

The blog title “Road to Graduation” caught my attention today when I realized that our journey is winding down.  The road, full of surprises and unexpected turns has brought us to our final leg of the trip: internship. I remember thinking how far away it seemed and yet, I am somehow in the midst of it. What a trip!

My friends and I finished up our independent study and met back up with our class in North Carolina for a final few classes and our practice licensure exams before resting and recuperating for this final internship. I was able to spend time exploring, resting and enjoying time with classmates. It was a great week of reflection as I was back on the Elon campus but  was not responsible for class work, a very foreign concept as of late. I watched the 1st and 2nd years come and go with classes and reflected on just how lucky I’ve been to be part of this school. Two and a half years later, I have so much more knowledge of PT, of myself, of relationships, and of my dreams than I thought possible. This place has shaped another chapter of my life and I will forever owe that to my professors and classmates, which has made the experience unforgettable.

My final internship is at an orthopedic clinic near Seattle, WA. I have had one very full week of hitting the ground running. After three clinical rotations under my belt, the transition went quicker than previously but there is always time needed to understand a clinic, co-workers and PT styles. I have already been very challenged and have grown already in one week. I can only imagine what the next six months may hold.


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