Getting Our Feet Wet

We are halfway through our selectives module, which I am completing in Seattle, WA with two classmates. We have set up an independent study to further pursue manual therapy in a clinic with three therapists who have been gracious with their time and knowledge. It was a quick adjustment to flip from classroom time back into the clinic. We haven’t experienced the clinic since last October, or specifically the orthopedic setting since February 2012. It was initially very overwhelming realizing how much there was to review, but as we reviewed and the brain juices started to flow again, it highlighted how well we had learned the material the first time around. It was also fun to review our notes and remember how difficult certain concepts were for us in the beginning. Our professors were so patient with our questions and stress back then…I don’t know that I would be so patient if the tables were turned. It was just another example of how blessed we have been with our professors who are so brilliant but who take the time to “dumb things down” for us until we are ready for it.

It has been an exciting month for community involvement for the DPT program. Our program got involved in the ALS walk in Greensboro for the second year with a great turnout and beautiful weather to support those with ALS and their families and friends. The Gears and Cheers bike race for MS also was a huge success with students, professors, family and friends coming both to race and support. Both groups and events were able to raise money to fight the respective diseases through community fundraisers and donations. The renewed consistency of such events has been challenging and rewarding and allows us to give back to the patients that are the reason we are in this career.

We will be headed back to Elon in 2 weeks to finish up with a couple of classes and presentations, as well as our Board Exam practice test.  After that week of reconnecting, we will split ways across the country once again for our final six-month clinical. I can’t believe we have made it this far!


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