Light at the end of a long tunnel

I came to a few realizations today as I was thinking about writing this blog. The first one is that, since I will be returning to the coast for my final internship, I will be moving away from Elon in roughly a year. It seems impossible that we’ve come this far so soon!  I also realized that, with just less than two months of the neuroscience module left, our remaining time in the program will include 10 months of clinical rotations and just eight months of classes. A faint glimmer of light, at the end of what seemed like a million mile tunnel, is actually coming into view!

Regarding the neuroscience module, I am happy to report that I did start to see the big picture soon after my last blog. So… if you’re a first year student or a future student and neuroscience seems a bit tough at the beginning, hang in there and try to see the big picture; it will eventually start to come together! Of course, take advantage of the help the professors’ offer, attend their review sessions, and study hard… but also know that you will make it through!

Currently, many of us are already make plans as to what we will do our third year during our module that’s referred to as “selectives.” There are some exciting opportunities available and some potential opportunities in the making. Some of my classmates are going to Belize and others may be going to the Yucatan Peninsula! It will certainly be an exciting time for us all to pursue the area of physical therapy that most interests us individually.

As for the immediate future, we begin our second of three rounds of exams in this module next week. With that thought, I will end this blog and head off to continue my studies!


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