The Road to Graduation: Inside the Elon DPT

Wrapping Up


It;s almost here. In the next month, we will be let loose from classes to pursue our choice for selectives, followed by our six-month internship. I cannot believe our time on this campus is coming to a close. After months (and years for that matter) of stressing about grades, the next test or project, and our busy schedules, we are let free to be put to the real test.

In three weeks, two of my classmates and I will be driving across country to Seattle where we will be undergoing an independent study on manual therapy. We will be reviewing our information from the orthopedic module from the first year, practicing our techniques on each other, and learning new techniques from a mentor. We are all looking forward to a review before getting hit hard in the six month clinical. We will head back to NC for a week of final classes, presentations, and the practice board exam before splitting ways again for six more months apart.

Other classmates will be heading to Kenya and Belize to work in clinics and hospitals, some will stay on campus to review ortho and neuro and see patients, while others will be further pursuing their interests in pediatrics and independent research.

For now, we are finishing up classes in geriatrics, pediatrics, and administration/management, learning about both ends of the spectrum of life and how to lead a clinic. The ends are being tied up. Next time you hear from me, I’ll be in Seattle! Enjoy the beginnings of spring until then.

We had a wonderful opportunity the other week to share the academic lives of PT students with PA students. With many planners and helpers, students from both programs showed up to meet each other, to tour each others sections of the Francis Center, and to gain a better understanding and appreciation of our peers in the building. It was a great step forward and we are looking forward to this becoming an annual tradition.
Also, the Walk to Defeat ALS is coming up on April 20th in Greensboro! If you would like to join to walk or donate, please go to the website below. Thank you for your support!
Additionally, there is a team from Elon DPT (Gears and Cheers) that will be riding in the MS Bike Race on May 4th in Gibsonville. If biking is more your cup of tea, please consider signing up. You can also support the team through donation on the website.