How time flies

I can’t believe we are actually here, with more than two years of PT school under our belts. How time flies…We are two weeks into our last two blended modules. We are currently in pediatrics, administration and management, and clinical decision making with complex patients. Our classes have switched from analytically based content to much more of a discussion-based set of classes. Our weeks are full of patient-based presentations and discussions regarding leadership, management, and critical thinking. It’s been quite a change of pace but it’s a good means of reflecting on how much we have learned and who we want to be as upcoming PT’s.

The 2nd year students will be back in the building on Monday from their first clinical. We look forward to seeing familiar faces around the building again and hearing about their last two months away.

We have all had the chance to meet the 1st years by this point after a coffee morning with the girls from both classes and a lunch with both full classes. It’s nice to finally have some names to place with faces after two months together in the building.

I had another moment last week that gave me a fresh reminder of what it is to be a part of this program. A few weeks back, a classmate and I were chatting in the hallway after practical exams with a couple of our professors. My friend had an idea about a piece of technology that could potentially better our academic experience. Next thing I knew, I heard that our professors had pursued the idea, gotten the technology, and were going to experiment with its use. The dedication that our professors have to our learning, and their willingness to listen to our ideas, never fails to impress me. We are a lucky crew.


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