Clinical Check-in

Off to Venice…Florida that is, for a little fun in the sun before beginning the neuro module that starts in a little less than a week! As for my first clinical experience, at Brunswick Novant Medical Center (BNMC), it ended in great success. In this out-patient setting, I learned more than I could have imagined, gained a little confidence in my abilities, and made friends that will last a lifetime.

During our clinical experience we, the students, complete a midterm and a final self-assessment. Our clinical instructor (CI) completed the same assessments pertaining to us also. This was a great tool to help us assess what our strengths and weaknesses are as well as receive feedback, including comments and suggestions, from our CI. I definitely grew as a physical therapist from the beginning to the end of my experience.  I am grateful that I had an amazing CI who gave me feedback on a regular basis (sometimes several times throughout the day).  She was a wealth of knowledge, and while she complimented me on my strengths, she provided constructive criticism and helpful feedback when it came to areas I needed to improve upon.

I absolutely loved working in an out-patient setting.  In such a setting, there is constant variety. I was able to treat patients from 12-years-old to 92- years-old.  I saw patients after having surgeries (ie: total knee/hip arthroplasty, cervical fusions, etc.), those with general fatigue and muscle weakness, and others with shoulder issues like frozen shoulder (aka: adhesive capsulitis).  These were just a few of symptoms I was able to treat while interning at the out-patient clinic at BNMC.  My clinical instructor worked with patients with vertigo and vestibular issues as well as various orthopedic involvements.  This variety really appeals to me. While I still think there is a part of me that has a heart for the population I’d be treating in a skilled nursing facility, I believe I would be more satisfied with a career in an out-patient setting.

For now, I plan to relax and enjoy the next few days with my husband and his family in Florida.  I know the neuro module, that awaits us, will be long and hard. This is what everyone who has completed it says. I am willing to continue to work hard, put in long hours of studying, and search for the answers when they seem impossible to find because in the end, I know it’ll be worth it!


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