Growing Community

We finally had a week to breathe! This last month has been absolutely packed with tests, quizzes, papers and presentations for the five classes that we have been balancing. Thankfully, this week was a real chance to catch up in classes, and in life. We finally had free time to spend time with each other before exams start next week.

We are winding down with our classes that we started prior to Christmas. Our only change has been the switch from electro to woundcare. This module (and the next two) are our chance to find unique specialties and focuses. It has been fun to watch people find their own niche as we have continued on.  Now that we have three clinicals under our belts, its easier to know our strengths, weaknesses, and interests and what we want the next step to be.

On that same line, we are also looking ahead at Selectives (April-May), which is our one opportunity as students to decide what we need more practice in, want to pursue further or want to experience for the first time. We have students planning trips to Belize and Kenya, preparing to look more into pediatrics, geriatrics, manual therapy, and to review orthopedics and neuro. Its very exciting to actually be taking that next step towards the careers that are not so far in the future.

The first-years and PA students are all here! We’re all adjusting to the limited parking and general space but it hasn’t been too difficult. Our community has grown exponentially and will only expand further when the second-years come back in just a few short weeks. Unfortunately we haven’t had much time to get to know each other yet but have some plans in the works (coffee, potluck). Looking forward to it all.


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