Big Changes for a New Year

Happy New Year!  I am writing from my new home —  the place I will be living until my first clinical rotation ends on February 22, 2013.  It’s still hard to believe tomorrow I start my first day as a second year PT student… and just as hard to believe that I will be starting the day in a hospital on the coast of North Carolina.  Having lived on the coast through undergrad and then as a teacher, I consider the coast of NC my home. When I received the news that my first clinical site was not far from where I once lived on the coast I was very excited.

I recall driving to Myrtle Beach a few years ago and wondering what the huge new building along the highway on the right was going to be. On another trip this building was almost finished; it was going to be a hospital. Today I drove by and saw the hospital completed for the first time since I moved to Elon for PT school. This awesome new hospital will be the place where I will learn from my very knowledgeable and experienced clinical instructor.

I had an opportunity to talk with my clinical instructor on the phone over the Christmas break and she sounds like someone I am really going to enjoy working with. She has more than 36 years of experience for me to learn from and I am just thrilled to be placed with someone with so much to share. She informed me that the PT department just moved into the new hospital about a month ago. I think it will be very nice to work at such a new facility.

Housing can sometimes be a challenge when participating in a clinical away from home. I was blessed to have the opportunity to stay with family friends that live close to the hospital. l have two new great roommates for these next few weeks and am fortunate to be staying in a lovely home in a beautiful community. I do have to admit that a couple of weeks ago I was getting nervous; I had yet to secure a place to stay and clinical rotation was arriving quickly. I thank God for these two generous women opened their home to me; today I got settled in and got things squared away so that tomorrow I can start bright and early at the hospital.

With such an exciting day ahead of me tomorrow, I am going to do just a few more things before heading to bed in hopes of getting a good nights’ sleep. I look forward to writing the next blog so I can share with you how my clinical rotation is going! In the mean time, I wish you a Blessed New Year!


One response to “Big Changes for a New Year

  1. Sunday, September 7, 2008
    A Physical Therapist’s Prayer by Louise
    Give me the strength and courage to walk my way,
    to face the challenges I will have today…
    Guide me with a wisdom to know what is right,
    as i learn from mistakes and reflect each night…

    Grant me the healing hands which I know would make,
    one of your children free from ache.
    Let me do the right thing to give relief,
    and not to be wrong as it is my belief…

    That I’m here on earth to remedy each one,
    So they live their lives to fullest with all pain gone…

    I thought of all of you during the holidays and searched the web for an appropriate prayer to get you started for the year. I found this …..
    Please remember that you are all blessed!

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