The Road to Graduation: Inside the Elon DPT

Holiday Season


We have been back in classes for three weeks now. We have a very different set up than we have been used to since the ortho and neuro modules. We are currently in exercise physiology, electro/wound care, cardiopulmonary, orthotics/prosthetics and directed research.

Trying to balance five different classes after having no classes for almost five months has been more challenging than expected. We also jumped right into intramurals, socializing, and other responsibilities, leading to very busy and complicated schedules. We are never done learning about PT or study habits here.

Thanksgiving break was a welcomed breather from the initial chaos of returning back to school. We got the chance to spend time with family and friends, and look ahead to the final weeks of classes before Christmas break.

While we continue on in our academic careers, we can also see glimpses of how far we have come. With the 3rd year class returning this week before graduation, we are shocked at how quickly that will be us. On the other end, we see just how far we have come as interviewees for the class of 2016 are making their way through the building. As I was feeling entirely grateful to be far away from the time of decision-making and applying for schools, it hit me how incredibly quickly these last three years (since applying) have gone. The class that is currently interviewing will be starting after we graduate — we will have jobs and will be starting a whole new set of transitions. I’m beginning to see that life really doesn’t ever slow down.

Christmas is almost here! The decorations, food, parties, and plans are popping up left and right in order to get us all ready for another break. However, it’s really not beginning to feel like Christmas, as it was almost 70 degrees out as I drove to Starbucks to study today. Seventy degrees in December is basically unheard of in my lifetime, but I’m not complaining.

Happy holidays!