Don’t Blink – The DPT Time Warp

Five weeks remaining! It’s just incredible that we have only five more weeks of classes and our first year will come to a close! Where does the time go?

In PT school it simply flies by before we realize where it has gone. We are in the last part of our orthopedics module, which focuses on the upper extremity. After seven hours of learning about the shoulder today, I am realizing it is a lot more complex than I originally thought.

These next few weeks will be challenging, but I am confident that it will end in success for each and every one of us. Our class is not afraid of hard work and with encouragement from one another we will persevere.

On another note, the second year students returned from two back-to-back clinical rotations. It’s great to see them around the Francis Center and the excitement from their recent experience is contagious. It makes us even more excited to go on our first clinical rotation in January, which will be here in the blink of an eye. From what they’ve shared, the more clinical experiences they’ve encountered, the more the second year students realize what they’d like to go into upon graduation.

Some are realizing a passion for pediatrics, while others a love for geriatrics.  Then of course there are those who want to focus on out-patient care and others who feel home health is the route for them. With the variety of options available to physical therapists, it’s no wonder that many of us in our first year still have no idea where our interest lies. While we may not know yet what we desire or where our futures may take us, one thing is certain…we will embark on one of the most rewarding careers there is!


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