Get Into the Groove

Here we are in Module 4 already. I’m not sure where the time has gone.  I also feel like this has become a common theme in my writing! Our two-week break between Module 3 and 4 was fabulous; it was the first chance to gives our overactive minds a little rest! Getting back in the groove has been a challenge for me… and… I think it’s safe to say for the majority of my classmates as well!

This module is unlike all previous modules; and when I asked a good friend of mine in the class how she was planning on preparing for our weekly exams in our main class, she replied, “I don’t know… this module is a different beast!”

The amount of information we are covering, at the rate in which we are doing it, can be a beast! Module 4 is by far much different from all the modules of the past. We are covering material at warp speed and unlike prior modules where we were switching classes and switching professors, we really don’t do much of that in Module 4. Aside from our clinical imaging class and our research design class, we are primarily focusing on one topic: Orthopaedics! While much time is spent on research and studying imaging, I sometimes feel we are living, breathing, and dreaming about orthopaedics (that is, biomechanics and musculoskeletal dysfunction)!

Are we starting to learn and do things that make us feel more like physical therapists? Absolutely! Do we need to practice technique, work on cutting-edge research, and get engrossed in figuring out the story behind the images we are reviewing? Without a doubt! I think a professor of ours summarizes this type of content well when she tells us, “This is the meat and potatoes of being a physical therapist!”

I admit that this module is hard; it takes dedication as well as a lot of time. In the end, I know, we will look back and realize just how much of what we are learning right now will be used in our daily lives as physical therapists. I am just grateful to be having this experience with the people I am having it with!


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