Continued Chapters

I am more than halfway through my clinical in acute care. We finished up our midterm evaluations and phone calls last week, which was a good time to reflect on what I’ve learned so far.  

Just like the 1st clinical, everyone I have talked to from my class is having a very different experience, dependent on the hospital, the location and the CI.  I’ve been very lucky to be at a large hospital as I’ve been able to see a large variety of patients but I’ve also had the opportunity to observe other healthcare workers. 

My CI set up opportunities to observe orthopedic surgeries, a heart catheterization, OT, speech therapy, pediatric PT and biomechanics/prosthetics.  I have gained a much stronger appreciation for other healthcare fields through this time.  In acute care, we also have more time to spend working with nurses, doctors and discharge planners.  It has been a good challenge to work together and communicate as specialists in our own fields, all working together to provide what we believe is best for our patients.

Each day is different with its own challenges, all with the same PT goal: increase mobility and function.  It has been very different from outpatient PT but has been a good learning experience.

Italy is drawing near!  I fly out in less than three weeks to travel for the week before the clnical starts.  I am incredibly excited and only slightly nervous…but I’m sure both of the feelings will only increase as the time nears.  Until then, I have much to continue practicing and learning here.

I do miss Elon and being with classmates every day but I hope we will only appreciate our time together that much more when we return.  Enjoy the end of summer!


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