It’s All Coming Together

So I’m on my last rotation before I graduate. I have four and a half months left in a six month rotation and I’m working in an outpatient facility in Mebane, NC. The place is great, with a wide mixture of patients, mostly orthopedic but a few neuro patients to keep things interesting.

What is great is how well prepared I have been to work with these people. Between the regular coursework at Elon and the focused work of selectives, I am able to treat patients appropriately and re-evaluate them immediately to ensure they are making appropriate gains. I have a supportive CI who gives advice, prods me to reflect on why I’ve done what I’ve done, and points out some of the bigger picture issues that I might have missed.

Equally valuable, I am in communication with several of my professors and have been able to talk over my decisions with them. The relationships that we have are valuable in how directly I can put what I have learned into practice. In addition it keeps the goal of using evidence based practice alive.


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