Next Steps

I’m not sure how I even got here, but here I am, on the tail end of my first week of our 2nd clinical.  I am at a hospital in South Carolina working in acute care.  My first week consisted of patients from all floors: orthopedics, neurology, medical ICU, cardio ICU, med/surg, oncology, dialysis etc.  I definitely have the least amount of experience in acute care and it was a bit of a whirlwind week.  It’s certainly one way of working through a 10-hour day without blinking.

We finished up the neuro module a lot smarter, a lot more experienced, a lot more tired, and a bit burnt out. We did finish though and I know I felt ready to get back to the clinic/hospital to see patients again.  I need periodic reminders of the people behind the information that we learn day after day.

As a major plus, nights/weekends have improved significantly without the added stress of homework!


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