The Eye of the Hurricane

July 4th – Independence Day! Today was a day many of us put our studies aside (at least for a little while) and took some time to not only appreciate the country we live in and the freedom we have, but to also take some time to enjoy a break – brief as it may be.  Many are calling this time the “calm before the storm,” but as for me, I look at it as being the “eye of the hurricane.”

I prefer my analogy because it was just two and a half weeks ago that we finished midterms and finals are just two weeks away. Unlike last module when we could take a little breather after the dreaded mid-term week, this go around quizzes, presentations, and projects were ready and waiting as soon as mid-term exams were over.  Like a marathon runner may describe the 21st mile of the race, many of us finally hit our wall in the race that is PT school. Now that the chaos is over and a well deserved break necessary, we begin to prepare for the somewhat grueling task of finals just around the corner.

Switching gears a bit, I have to admit that the Francis Center has been pretty quiet lately as the second and third year students are away on clinicals. Some of my second year buddies told me that they recalled how nice it was during their first year to have the place to themselves. While it is nice to be able to spread out a bit, hit the gym and not have to worry if there will be a treadmill free at lunch, or stow away in an empty conference room to study before a quiz without worrying someone else will need to use it, I have to admit I really miss having them around.

I’ve really appreciated so many of them who would regularly take time out of their day to check on us, make sure we’re doing alright, aren’t too overwhelmed, and simply to let us know they’re there if we need anything. As quickly as the last four months have gone by though, I’m sure the next four will fly by as well, and before we know it, they’ll be back and sharing inspiring stories of all that they experienced out in the “real world of physical therapy.” They will return at just the right time too, because at that point we will be just two months shy from our first clinical. As for right now, most of us are busy enough that we can only take one day at a time, so that is what we’ll do… and we’ll make the most of what each day has to offer.


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