Finding Strength in Change

The month of May came and went quickly, leaving in its wake many changes for our class. In the past month, one of our classmates made the surprising decision to withdraw from the program, one of our favorite professors took a leave of absence to tend to an unexpected health issue, three of our peers experienced the loss of a grandparent, and one student went through the pain of losing her mother.

Our class certainly experienced challenge and tragedy in May. We will miss our classmate who has decided that physical therapy was not for her and we wish her nothing but success ahead. Our thoughts and prayer are with our professor as we wait with anticipation to hear how her recovering is going. We have broken hearts for our classmates who have had to endure the difficult loss of losing a loved one. While the road ahead may seem uphill for them right now, I am confident that with the encouragement and aid of loving classmates, they will persevere through this difficult time and rise to the top.

As for the present, there seems to be an acute case of Summer Fever.  After recovering from Spring Fever during our break between Module II and Module III, the infection appears to be spreading once again. With the weather warmer and the days getting longer, many of us are dreaming about the time when summer meant vacation. As a prior school teacher living in a beach town the last 10 years, I admit that I am a bit envious of my former teaching colleagues who are wrapping up the school year and hitting the beach.  When that hint of jealousy creeps in, I remind myself just how blessed I am to be right where I’m at.

We are all nursing our Summer Fever and hunkering down this week in preparation of next week’s mid terms.  The preparation is always daunting, but we know our hard work will pay off. The professors want to challenge our minds, and they most certainly do! However, they also want us to succeed and that is why they do all they can to assist whenever possible. They’ve held study sessions, made themselves available not just during their office hours, but during their lunch and free time, and have often offered words of encouragement when we needed them the most. This morning for example, an hour before one of our exams a student emailed a professor with a last minute question about the material.  That professor not only emailed the student back, but emailed the entire class(as she’s done so many times before) to make sure we all had clear understanding of the concept before attempting to take the test.  To me, that is above and beyond what is expected; our professors are amazing and it is obvious they care.

Next month at this time we will be just a few weeks away from our two week summer vacation.  My hope is that we will continue to heal from the challenges we experienced May and that this time next month I will have nothing but great things to share.


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