A Pause to Reflect

I write these words from a quaint little coffee shop in Waynesville, NC. It is our first full week away from school since we began in January and our class is spread out across the country enjoying a well deserved break!

Some chose to stay local and enjoy some down time resting and relaxing in the Elon area, while others ventured back to their hometowns to see friends and family. Still others are enjoying time away together, getting more acquainted with other members of this new family we’ve become.  Regardless of where we are or with whom we are spending our break, I can say without a doubt we are enjoying the opportunity to give our minds a chance to rejuvenate and refresh before diving into Module III.

In the first few months of PT school at Elon we were all getting into a groove.  Graduate school proved to be different in many ways from undergraduate school and we were learning to take more responsibility for our learning and investing more in our education. We’re in that groove now and are beginning to realize just what it takes.

For me, that has meant a lot of sacrifice; I have less time to spend with my husband, less time with friends and family, and less time to spend on me.  Oh, but the rewards that come along with this sacrifice have been so gratifying! To work so hard during finals week and to reap the reward of successfully completing each class, to look back on all that our minds have absorbed, and to see just how far we’ve come already; what a great feeling.

I cannot take credit for such accomplishments by myself. First, I have my classmates to thank. There are a few special individuals in the DPT Class of 2014 that are willing to spend their free time, their weekends, afternoons, and sometimes even early mornings mentoring others. They have been uplifting, supportive, and an integral part of my success and the success of others they have invested their time in. As much as I thank them, it does not seem enough for these individuals that selflessly devote their time and talent to help me and my fellow classmates seeking their guidance.

Speaking for myself, I have also realized that my endurance, motivation, and ability to be successful in this program and in life do not come from within. For me, I have the Lord to thank, and thankful I am!  No matter how grueling school and life can be at times, my Lord is faithful and I am grateful!

So, what lies ahead?  What’s next? Many of us are receiving responses from our requests for specific clinical sites. Soon we will all know where we will be spending our first three clinical experiences. I, for one am checking (almost daily) the updates with great anticipation wondering what’s in store for me next year. Will these adventures change our perspectives regarding where we think we might want to practice now? Only time will tell. I must admit I am already looking forward to starting classes on Monday and beginning the next chapter of our adventure as DPT students at Elon! As for right now though, I am going to enjoy these last few days of our first break with my husband in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina.


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