Getting Involved

We’re halfway done with the neurology module—never thought I’d see the day! I still feel like I know only a minor fraction of what there is to know, but when I look back to eight weeks ago, I can clearly see how much we have learned.

The 1st years are on break so we our population is cut severely this week.  I’m sure they are thoroughly enjoying their first real break since starting.

Intramurals are nearing the end for the school year since the undergrads will be heading off for summer break soon.  The 2nd year co-ed and girls indoor soccer teams both took first place, as did the 1st/2nd year guys team.  This week, we are continuing into playoffs for sand volleyball and outdoor basketball.  So when in doubt, you can find us DPTers either in the classroom or playing sports.

The 2nd years had a great Friday the other week as we had an opportunity to volunteer as a class at the Special Olympics. It was a beautiful day to be outside with classmates and the athletes, who by the way, are some serious rockstars.  It was a great reminder of what determination and a positive attitude can do.

We’ve got another fundraiser/benefit coming up this weekend to raise money for the Racers Against Childhood Cancer.  The 3rd year class is hosting the event for Friday night.  If you’d like to learn more about it or donate, you can do so at

Hope everyone is enjoying themselves as summer is approaching!


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