Building a Professional Family

Three months down and thirty-three to go! What does that make my class… a thirteenth of the way through? PT school at Elon has me feeling like I’m in a time warp. The amount of information we’ve consumed in the last three months feels like it should have taken years to absorb. My classmates and I have only known each other a few months, however I feel like I’ve known many of them my whole life. I am definitely seeing time from a new perspective now that I’m a part of the DPT program at Elon.

So, how did we all get here?

We all have different stories, stories as diverse as our class itself. Some came directly from undergrad while others, like me, are taking the steps to make physical therapy our second career. As different as we are and in the short time we’ve known each other, our class is becoming like a family in so many ways.

This sense of family became most evident to me early in the month of March; my husband received a phone call that our grandfather was given just a few days to live. We left town and arrived at his house just hours before he took his last breath. In addition to grieving over my loss, I also felt burdened about being absent from class. At that time, midterms were just over a week away.  I immediately recruited the help of my classmates and professors. Their support in my time of need was overwhelming.

Through the efforts of both professors and peers, I was able to attend several of my classes “virtually” via Skype. I recall posting a message on our class Facebook page asking if someone would mind taking notes for me while I was at the funeral and I remember being absolutely amazed by the numerous responses. The willingness of my peers to do whatever they could to assist me during this challenging time gave me a glimpse at the family we were becoming. When I returned to school both my professors and classmates were available to catch me up on anything I missed and they took the time to go over the material that had been covered while I was away. It became concrete to me that we were in this together. We were at team, a family. Starting about a year before attending Elon, I had prayed daily about the decision to go to the school that was right for me.  All of this reconfirmed the decision I made to make Elon my home for the next three years.

I’ve been told by others, who have had the experience of visiting many DPT facilities across the US that the new physical therapy facility at Elon is bar none. I agree completely; the Francis Center is truly amazing with its cutting edge technology, spacious classrooms/labs and LEED certified status. As impressive as the facility is, it is not the reason I chose Elon. The reason I chose Elon is because of the people. Elon has amazing professors and remarkable students; that is why I feel blessed to call Elon home.  The material is challenging, to say the least.  There isn’t a single class I can afford to give anything less than 100 percent towards, but as the old saying goes, “anything worth something is going to take hard work to attain.”  I’m excited to be where I am, I count my blessings every day, and look forward to what the future holds for both me and my peers that make up Elon University’s DPT class of 2014.


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