PT is working for the weekend

I had an interesting weekend that got me thinking about how physical therapy connects me to other people.

My wife took off work early and she and I (and our 2-year-old) were going to meet up for dinner. As I headed out from home, I got a flat tire right on the freeway. I eventually made my way to a tire place to get my tire repaired, and wound up with a lot of time on my hands while waiting. The manager and I got to talking about plans for the weekend, and she told me all about how she needs to go spend it with her mom, helping her take care of her dad, who has some health issues. I had worked with a lot of people with similar issues during one of my rotations, and it made it very easy to empathize, and understand where she was coming from.

On a more school related note, a fellow student and I helped one of my professors present on using imaging ultrasound to strengthen the core muscles, a well documented treatment for lower back pain. The event was an open house for the Elon University community as well as ARMC, the local hospital. We had a great time showing people the ultrasound machine and talking to/answering questions from people. It’s obviously a topic a lot of people are interested in, considering how common lower back pain can be. We are doing one more, for members of the community Chamber of Commerce, tomorrow night. Looking forward to that one as well!


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