Always Learning

Our clinical finished up one and a half weeks ago followed by a break for moving back, recuperating and relaxing.

Clinicals: where is one to start? Since everyone I have talked to had such different experiences, it’s hard to pinpoint the commonalities across the board. However, I know that we all learned about ourselves and about PT, even if it wasn’t necessarily what we expected to learn going into it. In the end though, our patients are what each of us is in this career for and so everything else, both positive and negative, becomes what shapes us to be the best therapists that we are capable of becoming. We will each have clinical experience to learn from and to depend upon as we continue both in class and in our future clinical experiences.

We are starting our neurology module with everything that I could ever imagine wanting to know about the brain.  I have no idea what I’m in for but I’m ready to learn.

It was so good to come back to our class after three months apart, as well as to see our professors and the other classes. I’m looking forward to another year with many people that have made NC another home for me.


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