Nice to meet you…

I should start with an introduction, right?

I’m Ben Fisher.  I’m a 3rd year DPT student at Elon, and I have a wife and a 2-year-old in my non-DPT life. I got interested in PT because I teach I Liq Chuan, a form of kung fu kind of like Tai Chi – and a lot of the material I was learning seemed related to physical therapy. Elon has been a spectacular educational experience for me so far. Rather than try to sum up the previous two years, I will tell you a little bit about how I spent my Sunday.

I am helping one of my professors by taking photographs and videos for a book she wrote on how to treat spinal pain. It has been a long process taking all the photographs for examination and treatment of the different regions of the spine. We are finally working on the videos now, and I am constantly struck by how much I am learning from doing them. So Sunday we were meeting to take some footage; we got started around 1. First, we looked at the cover ideas the publisher sent and discussed some options. After that we retook a few photos from the previous week, and then got started on the videos.

 We went through the dermatome/myotome tests, emphasizing really getting the form right. Very cool stuff! I know it makes me a PT nerd, but spending a Sunday afternoon working on a book like this is perfect.

Next month I’ll try to talk about actual coursework, but one of the great things about Elon has been the opportunities for experiences outside of the classroom.


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