All the Difference

Having a three-week break made all the difference.  I was able to relax and reset for year #2 through a busy time with family and friends—the best kind of busy.

We just started our first clinical rotation in orthopedics.  A classmate and myself are in Cary at a clinic and we just finished 1 full week of clinical.  Its been challenging to combine what we’ve learned with different therapists’ styles but I feel like I’ve grown already in just a week.  It is so good to be around patients again and it’s nice to practice the theories in reality.

Its been quite an adjustment to not see my classmates that I used to spend half of the hours in a week with.  It’s amazing how much you miss each other when its not there—a good sign of appreciation after all of the stress of last year.

To any 1st years, enjoy your 1st week!


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