Saying Goodbye

Here we are. December 2011.  This has been a date on the mind of all my classmates and myself since beginning the DPT program at Elon in January 2009. So many people told us that our time at Elon would go quickly, but when you are in the middle of classes and clinicals, with assignments and all on your mind, it is hard to believe that the finish line is not too far off. But it is here. We made it.

I cannot believe everything I have learned and had the opportunity to do in these last three years.  Elon University and all the professors in the DPT program have been an incredible blessing to my life, and I am forever thankful.  Elon was the only place for me, and I am so thankful that God led me to this university and this program.  I was challenged in ways I have never been challenged, and I was pushed to the edge of my mental, emotional, and physical limit at times throughout this program, but I am so thankful for the trials as God has used them to help shape me into the person, and soon-to-be professional physical therapist that I am.

The mighty challenge of physical therapy school leads to the feeling of a mighty accomplishment when it is complete. I feel that these past three years, this past season of my life, has been one of the most influential in shaping me into who I am and helping me to learn who I am.  As this season comes to an end, and as I prepare to go into the “real world,” I feel that I am well prepared and ready for my career and journey as a therapist.

If you have the opportunity to be a part of this program, Elon becomes your home for these three years. I encourage you to fully invest yourself into this program and pursuit, just as Elon and all the professors and staff will fully invest in your growth and development.

I am so thankful for my time at Elon. I am so thankful for all the DPT professors and staff members, as well as all the other professionals at Elon that helped me through this program. I am so thankful for all of my classmates and am so proud of them. I am so thankful to have had this opportunity to share my thoughts throughout this program and the journey God had me on at Elon through this blog.


2 responses to “Saying Goodbye

  1. Hey Jenna! Awesome post. Its been a pleasure getting to know you and your family these last three years. Elon DPT is truly is a special program and I recommend it to anyone desiring a top of the line clinically oriented doctoral level physical therapy education.

  2. Thanks Scott! It has been an amazing blessing to spend my time in Elon’s program with you and all our classmates and professors. And, yes, I totally agree!

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