Seeing Myself Differently

Hi all.  Well, I finished the first half of my final internship at the outpatient clinic and have now transitioned to acute care at a local hospital.  I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to work at this outpatient clinic, to grow, learn, and continue my preparation for my career.

I was definitely somewhat nervous before starting that experience because I knew a high volume outpatient clinic was going to be challenging, but I can definitely say that I learned so much and feel that that experience was a vital one.  I started in acute care last week and am enjoying my time so far.  Starting in a new setting always incites some nerves on my part, so it is always nice to be a week or so into a setting, familiar with the people, as well as the functioning of the facility, including how documentation works at that setting.

While the nerves were still there with regards to the newness and unknown of starting in another setting, it has been encouraging to see the progress I have experienced throughout my time in this program, in that I do not feel any hesitation with talking with patients, families, or physicians, and I do not have any nerves with performing evaluations and daily treatment sessions.   While I definitely still have questions at times and I definitely seek guidance or assistance if needed, I have become confident in my abilities as a to-be-therapist and have begun to really consider myself as a therapist and not just as a student.
During this internship, I have met some amazing people, including co-workers, patients, and family members.  This is why I love this profession – this profession incorporates teaching, motivating, counseling, training, and serving, and that is why I am thankful to have the opportunity to pursue this profession.
Just a few more months left on my journey as an Elon DPT student, I wonder what God has in store.


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