Monthly Archives: August 2011

Back At It

My break finished up wonderfully with some more relaxation and socializing, as well as a break for camping.  I can’t be home without taking full advantage of the cooler temperatures and the outdoors!

We started back up three weeks ago with a very different schedule set up.  We are back to Wednesdays without classes, but instead, each one gets filled up with time in the lab, working on research, studying, volunteering, and periodically, a little social time.  We have class from about 9-5 every day but are only taking two classes and one online class.  Orthopedics is about 90 percent of our time and focus, while we keep up with our small group research and clinical imaging.

We’re about halfway through our first ortho section, the spine, and gosh, I am such an ortho nerd.  I get truly excited to learn techniques and better understand the pathologies that I’ve seen.  It’s reassuring to see my own excitement and passion for PT increase during these times and I’m reminded, once again, of why I commit so much time to learning, practicing, and studying.  I did choose this life for this period and there’s a good reason for it.

We also added three members to our class recently.  Two students from previous classes took some time off and have now joined our class to continue their time at Elon.  Also, our classmate and his wife, who were expecting their first child, had their beautiful daughter!  It’s been a fun chance for some change.

The undergraduate students are returning to campus and I’m just realizing how quickly summer has flown by.  The quiet campus will soon return to its normal order as we adjust to sharing the gym and library once again.

Hurricane Irene seems to be leaving us fairly alone here, at least from what I’ve experienced so far, so I’m quite grateful for that.  Hope the rest of you are staying/stayed safe as well!

Finally, if any of you are from the incoming class, please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions as you start to plan your next three years.  I know I had questions a year ago so feel free to ask about whatever you need!


Learning Through Service

Hey everyone!  Hope all is well.  Things are great here, moving right along with my internship, as two months have already gone by.  I am still working at the outpatient clinic and will be there another month before transitioning to an acute setting for my last three months.

This past week I was able to take a few days to go work at a children’s camp, and it was amazing.  During our internship, one of our requirements is to complete a consultation experience due to the fact that the service of consultation is one of the primary roles of a physical therapist.  For this experience, we were to explore opportunities to serve in our community through providing a service, through using the knowledge and skills we have as physical therapy students to serve others.

Here in Birmingham, AL, there is an organization called Lakeshore Foundation that serves individuals with physical disabilities.  I had the opportunity to help at an inclusion children’s camp, which was a camp for children with physical disabilities and their siblings.  With the inclusion camp consisting of both children and counselors of all realms of physical ability, the goal and the focus of camp was to emphasize the ability of all individuals, especially the ability to participate in sports and be active.

I had such an amazing time with these children and counselors, and while I feel I was able to serve by being a volunteer, I feel that I was the one truly blessed to be a part of this camp.  Throughout the camp, we all played different games, including basketball, volleyball, soccer, tennis, as well as other team-building games in wheelchairs.  In addition, we all tried out hand-cycling (bikes with the use of hand pedals), which was so much fun, but a definite workout ☺.

Through the emphasis of embracing the ability of individuals in wheelchairs and the ability of individuals with all levels of physical ability, a greater respect is developed for the similarities in all individuals and the great potential for success for all individuals.

As I sit here, I think about all that I have learned over this past week and over these last two and a half years, and I am so thankful that God’s has given me these opportunities to learn through my time at Elon.

I look forward to writing next month, as I will be just a couple of days into my acute care part of my internship!  Let me know if you have any questions, I’d love to give my perspective!  Have a great day!

What Makes It Worthwhile

We did it– three modules in seven months. I’m enjoying a coffee in Seattle after meeting up with some friends and love being at a coffee shop without feeling the need to study!

We’re one week into our two-week break and I’m enjoying every second of a well-earned break.

The module finished up well.  It was probably the busiest few consecutive weeks that I remember but as always, we survived and are better for it.  We finished up anatomy with the lab cleanup and final goodbyes to our donors at the memorial service planned by a few members of our class.

Through stories, music and poetry, we were all able to share in the experiences, the ups and downs, of the last six months.  It was a final bookend to an experience that few know and understand, as well as a chance to say thank you and goodbye to the most unique teachers of our education and careers.

The other classes finished up as smoothly as could be expected, and looking back, it’s much easier to see how much we’ve learned.  I’m ready to start ortho next module though and get more hands-on.

I got the chance to shadow a PT I had previously worked with for a few hours over break. It was awesome to see how much more I understood and could apply now that I’ve had just a few months of school under my belt. I can’t wait for the end result. It was a great way to gain some perspective on why we sit in class so much in a week and I can definitely see that the end is definitely worth the means.

I better go enjoy the rest of my break!