The Road to Graduation: Inside the Elon DPT

Off Campus and Still Learning


I am sitting here on my couch in Birmingham, Alabama, one month into my internship already.  My husband and I have loved being back down here in Alabama, so close to home (Auburn).

Of course it is still an adjustment being away from North Carolina, and I have found myself at times thinking I wanted to go meet up with a friend, and then realized I am not living there ha.  But, all in all, things have been great down here.  I absolutely love the people I am working with right now.

I am doing outpatient physical therapy for the first three months of my internship, and then I will be moving to a different facility to do acute physical therapy for the final three months of my internship.

I am learning a lot, and continue to realize how much I still have to learn.  I can definitely appreciate and advocate the fact that learning is going to be a lifelong venture.  Elon has prepared me well, and one thing it has prepared me for is to continue my education for the rest of my life, because evidence is always changing, new techniques and interventions are always being explored, and it is my job to stay on top of it so that I can provide my patients/clients the best possible care.

I find in a battle with myself of wanting to be efficient and effective in all my work during my internship and realizing it is okay and it is necessary to be open to seeking advice, guidance, assistance, and research to improve my knowledge and refine my skills.  I am someone who wants to do everything right at all times – but that is unrealistic, and I know that – but I battle with having a low threshold for frustration for myself, finding myself feeling frustrated or upset when I am not confident about a diagnosis, prognosis, intervention plan, etc.
With that said, I have come to realize all the more that this internship is not only to help refine my skills during these last few months that I am a student, but to help prepare my mind for my future career as a professional physical therapist, a career that will involve constant learning and growth.  Understanding weaknesses or admitting you have questions is a vital part of this profession, an imperative step that must happen so that you can then seek out the answers and grow as a professional.

I know without a doubt that these next five months will be a period of learning and growth.  I look forward to writing blogs over the next few months and sharing this journey with you.  Thanks for reading and have a blessed day ☺.