The Road to Graduation: Inside the Elon DPT

Almost Halfway


May has been a good month.

We began our 3rd module after the break with both some of the new and the old.  We continued both anatomy and physiology but then started PT3 where we’re working on goniometry, ROM, muscle testing etc and then also are in a new clinical seminar class, human motor development, and biomechanics/ortho.

We’ve already had the chance to get into the clinic for some observation time and have an upcoming children lab to observe kids of all ages.  It has been awesome to get more time with patients and to see the theories from class actually in action.

In anatomy, our first dissection back was the brain and skull—incredible.  We’ve continued on to the gut, the thigh, and even observed some local PTs as they worked on the pelvic floor and told us a bit more about what is done in women’s health PT.

Last weekend, a few of us went up to the NCPTA Spring Conference to attend a seminar, “PT Role in Disaster Relief:  From Ground Zero to New Orleans and Haiti.“ Gina Epafino,  Nancy Malone and Betsy Murphy are all PTs who shared about their experiences in Haiti, and then Nancy Malone talked about the time she spend volunteering after 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina.   It was both humbling and inspiring to hear about the work that each has done.  I only hope I can be so influential eventually.  (If you’d like to see more, one of the websites is  If you’re interested, let me know and I can get more information from my notes).