Keeping On

We’re nearing the end of the second module with spring break on the horizon in a few weeks.  We got through our first set of midterms and a few more tests—I’m getting used to the swing of it all.

It got a bit rough in the middle of it but like everything else, we survived, we learned, and we “look forward” to finals week.  You know what finals mean though—a week break!

Dissections are getting more intricate.  One group did a mid-saggital section, a few groups looked in the rotator cuff and glenohumeral joint, and we’ve worked down through the hand and just started on the heart and lungs.  The body is incredible.

We are also in the midst of waiting on clinical sites.  The answers are coming back slowly, mostly with “first come first serve” status, so we’re having to figure out what we want to do and just hope for the best with the rest of them.  Dr. Janssen is also working on a clinical site opportunity in Italy so we’ll find out more details in the next few months.  It sounds incredible though so here’s hoping it all works out.

Things are going well.  Next time you hear from me, I’ll be on spring break, and I’m sure I’ll be even better after a week off. ☺

…And go Butler….


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