Learning to “work it out!”

Happy April 1st!  Yay, it is spring!  Now, hopefully it will for real start warming up (we had snow this past Monday!).  Anyways, I hope all is well with everyone reading this. Everything is going well here. We have two weeks left in this module before we start our six weeks of selectives.

This module has been very interesting – takes you in lots of different directions.  Even though there are only two tests for this entire two months, this module keeps you on your toes with all the different group projects and assignments going on.

Our classes are currently pediatrics, geriatrics, and administration and business.  For our geriatrics class, we went to an exercise class yesterday that was led by a woman who is in her 80’s…and I woke up incredibly sore today! It was a great experience and a lot of fun to incorporate the community into our class time.

Besides class, another thing with school keeping our minds occupied is the whole thought of taking our licensure exams once our internship is over.  Up until now, the licensure exam has been given on a continuous basis, so that graduates could schedule and take the exam whenever they were ready.  Now, as of this summer, there will be a fixed date schedule, so that the test will only be available on certain dates throughout the year.

While the dates are not scheduled yet for 2012, it appears that the test will be available five times per year.  The logistics of this new system is of course new to all of us, so we are all looking into how this will affect us after graduation.  If y’all have any questions about this, leave a comment, and I will try to find the answer ☺

All in all, things are great here.  I woke up this morning to a beautiful sunny Friday morning, so that is nice for sure.  I hope all y’all have a wonderful April and look forward to letting you know how the beginning of selectives are going when I write at the beginning of May!  Have a blessed day!


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